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Label the countries and bodies of water of Africa, given the first letter of the places. Answers: Argentina's Map: Label Me! Printout Label the map of Argentina. Answers: Asia: Label Me! Printout Label the map of Asia. Answers: Australia Label the states and capital of Australia. Answers: Brazil Label the map of Brazil. Answers: The British Isles

Medieval Armour

Armour. Mail, or chainmail, made of interlocking iron rings, which may be riveted or welded shut is believed to have been invented in Eastern Europe about 500 BC. Gradually, small additional plates or discs of iron were added to the mail to protect vulnerable areas. Hardened leather and splinted construction were used for arm and leg pieces.

Full dress uniform - Wikipedia

Full dress uniform, also known as a ceremonial dress uniform or parade dress uniform, is the most formal type of uniforms used by military, police, fire and other public uniformed services for official parades, ceremonies, and receptions, including private ones such as marriages and funerals.Full dress uniforms typically include full-size orders and medals insignia.

An Idiot's Guide To The New World Order | Truth Control

America eventually broke off from Britain and became its own country. Throughout the 19th century and into the 20th Britain spent many resources on recapturing America. After many wars and agents Britain was finally able to recapture America through legal means with corporations and through financial means with the creation of the Federal Reserve.

JB Military Antiques

At JB Military Antiques, we specialise in the purchase and sale of 19th & 20th century German, British, Australian & world militaria, including medals, uniforms, swords/ edged weapons, flags, unit patches/ insignia, badges, helmets/ headgear, field equipment, military books and other items of related memorabilia.


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19th Century – International Military Antiques

19th Century Militaria and Military Collectibles for sale at International Military Antiques including Antique Guns from the U.S. Civil War, Napoleonic Wars and the Zulu War.

Uniforms Of WW1: 10 Surprising Facts - HistoryExtra

For a time, khaki was replaced by 'Kitchener blue'. 'Kitchener blue' was the collective name given to replacement uniforms used by the British Army when it ran out of khaki in 1914. The War Office had failed to obtain enough khaki uniforms in the opening weeks of the war, and early recruits were forced to wear replacement uniforms.

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Start studying Sociology Exam 1. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Victorian Schools & School Children Facts & Information

Although schools have always been around it wasn't until the Victorian era that these were improved considerably and available for all children rich and poor. In 1870 a law was passed which made it mandatory for all children aged between 5-10 in Britain to attend school. This was similar to the system we use today […]

Nasal Cavity Diagram High Res Illustrations - Getty Images

Browse 37 nasal cavity diagram stock illustrations and vector graphics available royalty-free, or start a new search to explore more great stock images and vector art. antique illustration: head throat section - nasal cavity diagram stock illustrations.

A Brief History of Australian Naval Uniforms | Royal ...

Police uniforms and equipment in the United Kingdom

Human Anatomy Diagram Photos and Premium High Res …

anatomy, arteries face and scalp, thyroid, neck, victorian anatomical drawing - human anatomy diagram stock illustrations. human heart circulatory system - human anatomy diagram stock illustrations. old engraved illustration of anatomy, popular encyclopedia published 1894 - human anatomy diagram stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images.

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Uniforms of the Royal Navy | Military Wiki | Fandom

The uniforms of the Royal Navy have evolved gradually since the first uniform regulations for officers were issued in 1748. The predominant colours of Royal Navy uniforms are navy blue and white. Since reforms in 1997 male and ratings have worn the same ceremonial uniform.. RN uniforms have served as the template for many maritime/naval uniforms throughout the …

On the Water | National Museum of American History

On the Water: Stories from Maritime America. The United States grew up on the water and remains a maritime nation to this day. For more than 300 years, waves of new Americans arrived by sea. In that time, the nation's seacoasts, rivers, lakes, and canals became avenues of exploration, communication, and commerce.

Dress Uniform Designer - Siegel's Uniform - Police, Fire ...

Description. Product Description. For your unique and custom needs when putting together your complete dress uniform, we have developed the following Dress Uniform Designer to assist you in selecting the components of your uniform individually. Use the Dress Uniform Designer to help you visualize your uniform as you add each component.

Cop’s uniforms tailored to catch crooks - Herald Sun

AS Australia loosened its ties with the British Empire at the end of the Second World War, so too did Victoria's police uniform move away from the …


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Royal Navy uniforms of the 18th and 19th centuries ...

Complete listing of all New South Wales Police Commissioners from the first in 1851 to the present. Police Training Centre Redfern. In 1904 the Government of the day purchased a four acre block of land in Bourke Street, Redfern, for the erection of a new Police Depot. In 1905 contracts and estimates were called for, to erect the new stable block.

Diagram Completion IELTS Reading

In the twentieth century, the ever-increasing use of motor vehicles threatened to break up roads built to nineteenth-century standards, so new techniques had to be developed.On routes with heavy traffic, flexible pavements were replaced by rigid pavements, in which the top layer was concrete, 15 to 30 centimetres thick, laid on a prepared bed.

World War II German Army ranks and insignia | Military ...

The German Army of the Nazi era inherited its uniforms and rank structure from the Reichsheer of the Weimar republic (1921–1935), many of whose traditions went back to the Imperial Army of the German Empire and earlier. The Reichsheer was renamed Weacht Heer in May 1935. There were few alterations and adjustments made as the Army grew from a limited peacetime …

Police uniforms and equipment in the United Kingdom ...

Police uniforms and equipment in the United Kingdom have varied considerably from the inception of what were the earliest recognisable mainstream police services in the early 19th century. As various laws in the mid-19th century standardised policing in the United Kingdom, the uniforms and equipment become standardised.

Victorian uniforms, Other Army Uniforms Gear - Replicaters

The Royal Engineers uniform tunic from the Victorian era is made in scarlet melton with the correct pattern braid. The Royal Engineers uniform tunic from the Victorian era comes with shoulder boards and cuff lace and embroidered badge. The Royal Engineers uniform tunic from the Victorian era is priced at US$ 98/UKP 77 per piece delivered.